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Pikolinos Lagos 901-7312 Women's Sneaker Boot Red

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SKU 8433073288792
Arcill Red

Pikolinos Lagos 901-7312 Women's Sneaker Boot

Lagos sneaker boot is an iconic Pikolinos women's collection: classy, stylish, but comfy footwear.

Everyday use with a sophisticated look, wear them with tailored pieces, such as a formal blazer, button-down shirt, lace, faux fur, silk and even a dress.

Pikolinos Lagos comes with a very lightweight 2 cm thick rubber sole about 2 cm thick, and the tread is designed to prevent slipping. The cushioned insole provides extra comfort. This 9.5 cm high ankle boot has cotton laces, so it adapts to all types of ankles—an inner zip with a functional side buckle allows easy fitting!