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Collonil Waterstop Shoe Cream Navy

£6.50 GBP

Collonil Waterstop Shoe Cream - Navy

We have stocked this awesome polish for many years; we believe it is the best. Collonil Waterstop polish will restore colour as it has a dye in the cream, so it's great for scuffs and has a sponge applicator to put on so no messy fingers. 

Revives and brightens colours.
Contains almond oil to keep leather supple.
Gore-Tex approved.

Other colours available.

Sponge applicator.


First of all, use a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt.
Gently squeeze the tube, you won't need a lot as it is a rich cream.
Apply using the sponge on end, leave for twenty minutes before polishing with a brush or lint-free cloth.